Bestronics BV accommodates an extensive machine park in the production hall to be at your service.

To give you an idea which machines could be employed for your assignments you will find an overview of our machine park below.

If after reading this information you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click HERE to see the Bestronics Pick & Place machine in action.

SMD line 1

  • Promass Loader
  • SJ Inno-Tech HP-520
  • Pasta Inspectie KOH Young Technology KY-8030L
  • Juki KE 750L
  • Juki KE 760L
  • Heller 1707 EXL
  • Promass Unloader

SMD line 2

  • Ekra E1
  • Juki FS 750
  • Juki FM 760
  • Juki TR3S tray changer
  • Heller 1707 EXL
  • Promass Unloader

SMD line 3

  • MPM Ultraprint 1500
  • Juki KE 2060RL
  • Juki TR6SN tray changer
  • Promass Unloader

Drying & Storage

  • Extreme Dry Cabinet XTC

Insert/Wave line

  • EPM CDX 400 Wave solder machine
  • Heeb Inotec Lead free wave solder machine
  • Zipatec Select 250 Selective Lead free wave solder machine with Nitrogen

Product inspection

  • Vision Mantis inspection-loupe
  • Viscom Offline X-ray inspection system X 8008-08
  • Novex inspectie-microscope with camera inspection
  • Viscom AOI S3088 with Promass Loader/Unloader